Dryer Wall Vents

Dryer Wall Vents
In many cases, the dryer’s exterior wall vent outlet has often been treated as an afterthought. Most vents are constructed of plastics, which deteriorate and crack over time. Often, vents have restrictive (and code-disallowed) screens that collect lint. Other vents are built with very restrictive light weight metal hoods, extruding far from the wall, making them very inefficient, and prone to damage. In every case, these old style terminations detract from the beauty of a home’s exterior. Our Dryer Wall Vents are made with powder coated steel, which allows them to last for many years. Additionally they are equipped with a recessed, “bird and rodent proof”, low power magnetic door. It is also the industry’s first “zero back pressure” rated dryer wall vent, making it the most efficient in the industry.


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