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Dryer Booster Fan
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Is the net equivalent length of your dryer exhaust system longer than 25 feet?


A dryer vent booster fan may be needed to help your dryer run more efficiently. Most residential clothes dryers on the market today cannot maintain the necessary airflow, in the exhaust vent, to properly move lint further than 25 feet. Typical residential dryers are rated at 160 cfm (cubic feet per minute). Booster fans are needed in order to maintain a minimum airflow of 100 cfm. As duct length increases, and bends are introduced into the design, more friction is created which reduces the flow rate. A professional booster fan installation provides proper airflow throughout the entire system. Proper airflow is essential for reducing lint build up and keeping your dryer working efficiently. An efficiently designed dryer exhaust system will save you money, by reducing drying time. Dryer Vent Guardian is your source for a professional booster fan installation.


NOTE: Dryer booster fan manufactures recommend, that all dryer exhaust ducts with booster fans installed, be CHECKED FOR THEIR PROPPER SAFETY AND OPERATIPON, and CLEANED at least once annually. (Both the booster fan, and the duct must be cleaned.)



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