Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Properly cleaning and maintaining your dryer exhaust duct, will save you money on your utility bills, by shortening the drying time of clothes, this, in turn reduces wear and tear on the clothes dryer. In addition, having your dryer vent cleaned, greatly reduces the likelihood of a dryer duct fire in your home, or place of business. At Dryer Vent Guardian, customers can schedule annual cleaning. Scheduled annual cleaning will help keep your dryer vent clean, safe and efficient. 

All dryer vents are different. Some terminate through the side wall of the home, while others terminate through the roof. Therefore, each must be evaluated, to determine the best approach and method to clean each individual system. At Dryer Vent Guardian, our technicians use specialized professional grade, cleaning equipment, to clean, and aid in the removal of lint build up, debris, and any obstructions from within your dryer exhaust duct. Our cleaning equipment allows the technicians to clean the duct in several different ways. Depending on the length, and location of the termination outlet, a technician will choose a method that is best for each exhaust system. No matter which method is chosen, our technicians make sure to remove ALL clogs or obstructions from the entire run of the vent, not just the entry and termination points. Often during the cleaning process, technicians find that homeowner’s dryer vents are infested with birds, rodents, or other disease carrying animals. Our technicians will remove all obstructions and build up, and anything found inside the dryer vent. Once the dryer vent cleaning is complete, our technicians will clean up after themselves, disposing of any messy lint, outdoor debris, or nests. Dryer Vent Guardian is your source for courteous and professional dryer exhaust duct cleaning service.


Call us today at 1-866-423-VENT, to schedule your dryer vent inspection/evaluation and cleaning service.


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