The Dryer Ell

The Dryer Ell
In an effort to reduce the number of dryer exhaust duct fires, (over 15,500 per year in the U.S alone) most building codes have strict guidelines for properly installing ventilation ducts for clothes dryers. Every foot of duct run, reduces airflow efficiency, and (commonly used) small radius elbows have an even greater impact. The Dryer Ell was specifically designed to eliminate that impact. Calling on ASHRAE engineering fundamentals, the manufactures of the Dryer Ell designed and constructed it with a smooth interior, it also exhibits a sweeping radius that improves air flow efficiency in the duct. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) found the Dryer Ell to be 500% more efficient than the commonly used sectioned elbows. Currently, the Dryer Ell is the only available “no flow reduction” elbow available, on the market today.




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