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Our experienced, trained, and CSIA-Certified, dryer exhaust technicians, perform a full diagnostic inspection, to accurately assess the service needed on your dryer exhaust system. During a dryer vent inspection, our technicians will follow a ten point, safety check list, and use the manufacturer recommended testing methods, and equipment, to evaluate and test the safety and performance of the dryer exhaust duct. The evaluation begins with the visual inspection of the transition hose, main exhaust duct, (if visible), all visible joint connections, and termination outlet. The visual inspection helps us to determine the ducts net length, as well as checking for any deficiencies, repairs, or re-routes that may be needed to keep your dryer running properly. This visual inspection also helps to verify if there are any fire, safety, or health hazards present.


After our thorough visual inspection, our technician will test the velocity of the air flow, with a digital vane anemometer, as well as measure the exhaust system’s static pressure, (back pressure) with a magnehelic gauge. Our technicians will provide a written evaluation report, and estimate, based upon the diagnostic inspection. They will go over the evaluation report with the homeowner, and walk them through the services needed to keep their home safe. Most manufactures, as well as the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recommend dryer vents be routinely inspected, and cleaned, at least once annually. Annual inspection and cleaning greatly decreases the likelihood of a dryer exhaust duct fire, and also helps to save energy by keeping the dryer running efficient.



The lint alert Dryer vent alarm will give you peace of mind, by monitoring your dryer exhaust system while the dryer is in use. Back pressure in the dryer’s exhaust system is always changing. Over time, it increases because of lint buildup, crushed or damaged vent hoods, and surprisingly often, animal nests! The LintAlert® works to protect you by continually monitoring airflow and showing the exact pressure in the exhaust system. Armed with this information, you can save energy, and be certain the dryer is operating at safe levels.


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Our DryerFlex transition hose out performs other exhaust hose, because of its unique design and all metal construction. It is constructed with five layers of 25 micron aluminum ribbon, wound over galvanized, zinc coated wire. Simply put, it is the safest and most energy efficient flexible transition hose available in the industry. In the event of a dryer fire, this design can work to hinder fire expansion into the wall, with torch tests up to 482 degrees, showing zero flame spread or smoke development.


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Save energy, reduce risk of fire, and prevent a crushed transition hose behind the clothes dryer, by having our technicians install a dryer wall box. These wall boxes come in a variety of depths and sizes, to meet customer’s needs.

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